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    What these books tell you
    Just about everything you need to know. Where the battlefields are, how to get there and where you might stay. Where the memorials, museums, cemeteries, bunkers, trench lines etc are. Concise histories of the battles introduce the books, then detailed itineraries guide you around the battlefields with distances, timings, poetry and pictures, plus stories of bravery, and actions.



From the Belgian coast, across the fields of Flanders, over the valley of the Somme and down the line to the Argonne: all the major battlefields of the First World War - Ypres, Arras, Cambrai, Amiens, St. Quentin, Mons, Le Cateau, Reims, Verdun and St. Mihiel - are criss-crossed in this book over more than thirty different routes, each clearly shown on a Michelin map. Every significant feature is described in detail. Indispensable for anyone contemplating a tour of the battlefields in Belgium and France, this book combines the years of knowledge, travel and research of its author, Rose Coombs, who worked at the Imperial War Museum in London for nearly forty years. Since her death in 1991, "After the Battle's" editor, Karel Margry, has travelled every route, checking and revising the text where necessary, as well as re-photographing every memorial. Many new ones have been added, including the new cemetery at Fromelles inaugurated in July 2010, yet we have striven to keep true to the flavour of Rose's original concept...before endeavours fade.

  • WALKING THE SOMME (Battleground Europe)

Also available;
   - Walking the Salient
   - Walking Arras
   - Walking Verdun

  • The Middlebrook Guide to the SOMME BATTLEFIELDS


The Great War saw three great battles and approximately half of the 400,000 who died on the Somme were British - a terrible harvest, marked by 242 British cemeteries and over 50,000 lie in unmarked graves. These statistics explain in part why the area is visited year-on-year by ever increasing numbers of British and Commonwealth citizens. This evocative book written by the authors of the iconic "First Day on the Somme" is a thorough guide to the cemeteries, memorials and battlefields of the area, with the emphasis on the fighting of 1916 and 1918, with fascinating descriptions and anecdotes.

  • Verdun 1916: Battlefield Guide

    This book features: unique format, comprehensive and easy to follow battlefield guide; and, in-depth battle history which traces the history of Verdun from the Iron Age to the horrendous battle in 1916. It is fully illustrated with contemporary maps and photographs as well as current day photographs, maps and walking tours plans. It includes eyewitness accounts, the 'voices' of the soldiers themselves and is based on extensive research and intimate knowledge of the ground gained from numerous visits to the battlefield. It includes a guide to further reading and additional information for the student of the battle and tourist alike. 

  • Verdun and the Battles for Its Possession
    An Illustrated Guide to the Battlefields 1914-1918 (Battle for Possession)

         Also available;
    Verdun Argonne (1914-1918) (Michelin's Illustrated Guides to the battle-fields) by Michelin and Co. Ltd (Unknown Binding - 1931)
    Verdun, Argonne-Metz, 1914-1918
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